Take a DLC course in your current school

New course registrations: Registrations for the 2019-2020 school year are now closed. We expect registrations for the fall semester will open on May 1. We look forward to supporting you for your fall registration.

Study your passion

Explore a subject area and see if they spark your passion.

With more than 80 high school electives available – as well as all of your core classes – we can help you meet your graduation requirements.

Fits Your Class Schedule

Turn your spares into online learning time from your own school and receive high school credits on your transcript with DLC electives. You may even be eligible to take courses at the 10, 20, or 30 level regardless of what grade you’re in (depending on prerequisite requirements).

The DLC offers a wide range of study areas where you can express yourself through creative arts (Animation, Graphic Arts…) or try your hand at a trade (Mechanics, Construction, Welding…), explore a specialized science (Psychology or Forensic Science…), work with animals and agriculture (Cow/Calf or Field Crop Production, Agricultural Equipment Technician…), get down to business (Communications Media, Financial Literacy…), and so much more!

What are the costs?

For most courses, a fee of $500 per course will be incurred.

Additional fees will be charged for:

  • Dual credits - fees determined by the partnering post-secondary institution
  • Advanced Placement courses - $1,000

Some school divisions cover the cost of online learning at Sun West DLC.

Before beginning the enrolment process, we encourage you to talk to your Principal about Division funding policies and how online learning can fit into your existing timetable. Together, you can explore DLC courses and put a plan in place to ensure you have the supports you need to succeed.

Get started today!

Considering Post-Secondary?

Obtain high school and post secondary credits at the same time with a Dual Credit!

If you are looking to move on to a post-secondary environment, be sure to explore our Dual Credit options. Working in partnership with Saskatchewan Polytechnic and the University of Saskatchewan, we can help learners enrolled in these courses to earn high school and post secondary credits at the same time.

Learn More about Dual Credits