Saskatchewan Online School Options

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Flexible and Full-time Options

Sun West DLC offers a variety of flexible and full-time options for students seeking online education options:

Add To Your Learning : Flexible online course options for students currently enrolled in traditional school or students registered as homeschool students.

Full Time: Full-time online learning for Saskatchewan residents.

What Option is right for you?

Created For Students Working Remote

DLC courses are created specifically for students learning in an online environment. Lesson plans, course notes, reading materials, instructional videos, and assessment tools are developed by DLC teachers to work for distance learning students. Because course notes, pre-recorded videos and assessment tools are online, they can be accessed as many times as needed, any time of day, any day of the week.

What Courses Look Like

Each grade and course is designed by the DLC team to work for your learner

Kindergarten - 6

Each course from Kindergarten through Grade 9 contains approximately 200 hours of course material. Courses are printed and shipped to your home.

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Grades 7-9

Each course from Grade7 to 9 contains approximately 200 hours of course material. Material comes in print and is available online as students progress through the grades.

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Grades 10 - 12

For students in Grades 10-12, each course contains approximately 100 hours of course material, which is equivalent to one hour per day, five days a week for one semester. There may be times when additional home work time needed to stay on pace.

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Adult Education

Adults of any age can upgrade a mark, work towards their high school or adult 12 diploma. Each course contains approximately 100 hours of course material

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Under The Age of 22

Any Saskatchewan resident under the age of 22 has the option to register as a full-time online learner with the DLC and receive access to our courses free of charge.

Over the Age of 22?

If a student is 22 or older, the cost for each regular Sun West course is $500.

Add To Your Learning

Access is also available to students who wish to enroll in one or more of our online courses yet remain registered with their geographic division. In that case, the resources provided and the learning experience will be the same, however course fees will apply.

When can I register?

Learners can register for DLC courses at any point in the year. Completing the registration process guarantees a spot in the course of interest and typically results in course access within 24-48 hours.

However, there are certain windows when teacher availability and/or course access is limited. During these times access to online course materials will remain constant but the availability of educators for personalized supports or assignment feedback may be limited.