Home Based Learning

Educating a child from home is the ideal arrangement for some families and learners. With quality educational resources and a willing parent or mentor to support the learning experience, children can not only grow but prosper from Kindergarten through to high school graduation in this nurturing environment.

At the DLC, we see ourselves as partners in this journey. Our online courses, which include K-12 lesson plans, reading materials, workbooks, instructional videos, and online assessment tools, are developed by professional educators with the express purpose of facilitating learning in a remote location. Those same educators are also readily available to support the learner – and in the case of a young learner, the learning mentor – throughout the educational process. Through email, Skype, phone and, if convenient, face to face meetings, our instructors can help develop alternate ways to explore issues, creatively solve problems and prepare leaners for subsequent steps on their educational path.

We are here to provide access.

We believe that all learners - regardless of how or where they choose to study - should have access to quality educational resources and support.

We are here to support.

Our role is to serve as part of a collaborative team that is focused on helping learners achieve academic success.

We are here to facilitate choice.

We invite the learner - along with his/her support team and learning mentors – choose the pace, path, time and place that best suits them.

Benefits of Full-Time Enrolment

By enrolling as a full-time Sun West Distance Learning Centre learner, your child will have access to:


When you start and end your course

Accelerated or extended timelines for completion

Whether you focus on one or progress through multiple courses at once


Learners have access to +120 courses through the DLC


Because all courses are online, learners have access to the material and can study at any time of day

Our rolling registration policy allows for a learner to enroll in a course at any point in the calendar year


Learning can happen at home, in a library, a church or any accessible venue conducive to learning

Instructors are available via email, phone, Skype or in-person @ the DLC to answer questions and provide guidance

What is a learning mentor?

A home-based learning mentor is any adult who is responsible for the learning instruction and support in the home. It is not always possible for the parent to be the learning mentor. A mentor person may be a parent, guardian, relative, friend, or tutor. Mentors, learners and online instructors work as a team to help learners successfully complete their online courses.

What does a mentor do?

There is a misconception that online learners may not have the same learning supports as their peers in a traditional school setting. However, home-based learners benefit from the personal attention of a learning mentor who can provide daily encouragement and support in a way that meets a learner's individual needs. While the role of the learning mentor may be slightly different as a student progresses from elementary to high school, an effective mentor is key to student success in an online environment. To learn more about the role of a mentor, check out our Sun West DLC Learning Mentor Guide.

What technology is required in a home-based learning environment?

To ensure the timely completion of courses, learners should have regular access to a device such as a computer, tablet, or Smartphone and reliable Internet service. If you do not have a computer or Internet in the home, inquire at the local library or other public venues about their options.

Supported Browsers
Internet Explorer; FireFox, Safari, Chrome (latest versions)

Browser Settings
enable Java script, and enable cookies

Recommended Screen Size
1024 x 768 pixels

56kbps for standard presentations 100kbps for presentations with videos

Mobile Devices
Apple iPhone
Apple iPad
Apple iPod Touch

Suggested Video Players
Classic Media Player (free download)

If you require support in downloading these programs or adjusting your settings, please call (306) 252-1000.

All Sun West Distance Learning Centre learners must agree to our Acceptable Use Policy. This policy outlines expectations of staff and learners when accessing electronic content.

Are there any online resources to help me out?

Definitely. Full time DLC students have access to a variety of free digital learning resources. Contact your DLC instructor for log-in information.

Microsoft Office ProductsOffice 365 provides families’ access to Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel. Office 365 email account available upon request.
Mathletics A Canadian-based math site that provides a fun way for students to practice their basic math skills.
RAZ Kids Helps students improve their reading skills. Students can access a wide library of books at any reading level.
Reading Eggs Another fun and engaging way to practice reading skills.
Pearson E-Texts The e-text version of our Pearson textbooks can enhance a child's understanding. Content is provided in an interactive format and additional videos make this online resource option a favourite with students.
Learn 360 A Canadian learning solution; more than 1500 feature films and documentaries are available in English and 1000+ are available in French.
ROVER A video-on-demand service that provides learners with the convenience of immediate access to streamed, educational videos.