Small Engine Mechanics 10L



Delivery Method

Online Asynchronous

Course Description

Small Engines 10 introduces learners to small engines and the industry that creates, repairs and maintains these machines. In this 100-hour course, the learner will explore the inner workings of small engines, its component pieces, and the skills required to diagnose and address problems. As with all of our trades-based courses, safety is a major consideration and we help learners to recognize potential hazards and be familiar with the steps necessary to minimize risk. Upon completion of the theoretical units, learners will have to demonstrate their newly obtained skills and, in many cases, submit video assignments to the instructor.

Units of Study

Resources Supplied by the DLC

E-text: Small Gas Engines 10th Edition textbook

Resources Obtained by Student

A video-recording device; Smartphone or tablet will be sufficient.

Access to a small gas engine; does not need to be in working condition.

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