Pre-Calculus 30


Pre-Calculus 20

Delivery Method

Online Asynchronous

Course Description

This course is intended for learners who are continuing their study in high level mathematics.

Pre-Calculus 30 focuses primarily on graphs of various functions and guides the learner in determining the characteristics of each graph by looking at the equation. Each chapter will explore different types of graphs, study how the graph can be transformed by changing the numbers and solving equations of that type.

Topics in this course include graphing functions such as polynomial, radical, trigonometric, logarithm, exponential and rational functions. The course will also dive into some advanced trigonometry including unit circles, secondary trig ratios, and identities.

Units of Study

Resources Supplied by the DLC

E-text: Pre-Calculus 12 - McGraw-Hill Ryerson

Resources Obtained by Student

Graphing technology (apps and online resources will be suggested in the course)
Scientific Calculator

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