Kindergarten ELA


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Course Description

Kindergarten English Languages Arts (ELA) is an study in Saskatchewan’s Core Curriculum. The aim of this course is to help learners understand and appreciate language. The learners in this course will require a Learning Mentor to help them navigate the lesson plans, instructional videos and course assessments. The lessons will include all areas of language: reading, writing, speaking, listening, representing and viewing. In addition, Kindergarten in Saskatchewan is highly play-based and individualized. We are flexible and through regular communication, we are willing to support families to fit the learner’s voice and choice. Note: All children learn at different rates and there is no expectation that a student will be reading by the end of Kindergarten. Assessments will include ongoing home assessment and some submissions/communication to DLC teacher. Submissions may include PDF documents, audio or video files, photos of projects.

Units of Study

DLC Supplied Resources

ELA K Activities, Resources and Information Booklets ELA K Lesson Plan Booklets

Additional Resources

Tools to submit PDF documents (e.g. Scanner, smartphone app)
Recording device (e.g. Camera, smartphone etc.)

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