Delivery Method

Online Asynchronous

Course Description

Learners will explore and analyze some of the mysteries of life that we struggle to understand and come to terms with as a society as well as several of the very real challenges that affect teens and adults on a daily basis. With compassion and genuine intent to understand, they will look into the lives of those who live with a disability and study the realities of racial inequality. They will consider the impact of war and explore what it means to be an everyday hero. Learners will read, view, and listen to multiple forms of literature, and then critically analyze and share their opinions of what they've learned. They will also compose and create essays, poetry, multimedia and fiction.

Units of Study

Resources Supplied by the DLC

Novel: Megiddo’s Shadow, Arthur Slade

Resources Obtained by Student

Access to audio recording equipment (a SMART phone will be sufficient)
A science fiction or fantasy novel of your choosing

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