Core French Level 1




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Course Description

The Core French Curriculum is created by language levels and not by grade levels. Level 1 is the beginning level for Core French study, regardless of the actual grade level of learners. Core French Level 1 introduces learners to the very basics of the French language. The focus will be on becoming familiar with spoken characteristics of the language through a variety of hands-on, theme-based listening and speaking activities. Throughout the eight units of study, learners will learn theme-based vocabulary and sentence structure to better understand, use, and appreciate the French language and cultures. Due to the speaking/listening nature of this course, it is NOT available as a Print-Based course. Learners, with the help of their Learning Mentor if applicable, will need to access and interact with the course’s audio and visual content and will be required to record audio and/or visual as part of the speaking parts of this course

Units of Study

Additional Resources

video-recording device (such as a smart phone or tablet) printer

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