Chemistry 30 Advanced Placement (AP)


Physical Science 20
Math Pre-Calculus 20 - highly recommended

Delivery Method

Online Asynchronous

Course Description


The Chemistry 30 AP course provides students with a college-level foundation to support future advanced course work in chemistry, as well as fulfilling the credit requirements for the Chemistry 30 course mandated by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Learning. Furthermore, the secondary goal of AP Chemistry 30 is to prepare students for the AP Chemistry exam.

Students cultivate their understanding of chemistry through inquiry-based investigations, both virtual and hands on, as they explore topics such as: atomic structure, intermolecular forces and bonding, chemical reactions, kinetics, thermodynamics, and equilibrium. Students will be expected to understand, apply and critically think about chemistry concepts prevented in the course content.

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Credits Earned

Successful completion of this course will prepare you for the AP Chemistry exam, to be written in early May, and earn students the Chemistry 30 high school credit. After the exam students may need to complete supplemental modules for topics not covered during the AP Exam preparations. If you attempt the AP Exam you will have an AP designation for Chemistry 30 on your transcript; otherwise, you will receive the regular Chemistry 30 credit.  Other important details about Advanced Placement  (AP) lie below the Course Description.  All students considering AP should read all of these details.

Course Costs:

If you are not registered with the Sun West School Division, or are 22 years of age or older, then this course will cost $1000 as there are two 100 hour credits associated.

Units of Study

Resources Supplied by the DLC

AP Chemistry 1, Smith et al
AP Chemistry 2, Smith et al
Late Nite Labs Subscription

Resources Obtained by Student

Scientific calculator
Electronic balance (i.e. food scale)
Safety goggles
Beakers (or Pyrex glass containers)
An assortment of household and grocery items
Additional materials will vary as students design their own procedures

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