May 15, 2018

​Exercise Science 30 Goes to the PAC!!

On Monday May 7th, I met my distance Exercise Science 30 students face to face at the PAC in the College of Kinesiology.

These students travelled to Saskatoon from various places around the province to learn more about the college, prepare for university, and take their learning to the next level. The students made new friends, experienced unique learning opportunities and applied what they learned in class to a hands on experience.

During our field trip, the students received an in-depth tour of the PAC center and labs, participated in the Fiber-type composition test, toured campus and received personal training from the Human Performance Center (HPC). It was a wonderful day and opportunity for us all. Thank you Mrs. Anne Sloboda for attending the trip and sharing your expertise with us! I look forward to next year’s trip!

Elaina Guilmette