January 25, 2018

Student Art Contest

Our students are talented and creative and we love to showcase their abilities on the walls of our school. We have four unique spaces at Sun West DLC dedicated to student work and it’s time to add new pieces to our collection.

All DLC students are invited to participate.

Artists will be competing in one of three categories:

  • Kindergarten – Grade 6 (5 - 11 years old)
  • Grade 7 - 9 (12 - 14 years old)
  • Grade 10 - 12 (15 - 19 years old)

Immediately following the February 28th deadline, we will post all entries on our website and open voting to the public who will have one week to pick their favorites. Winners will be displayed on the walls of Sun West DLC, with the top pick in each category earning themselves additional cash prizes.

Entry Deadline: Wednesday, February 28th. Public Voters Choose the Winner.

We invite submissions:

  • of completed 2-dimensional work;
  • with subject matter appropriate for a public school setting;
  • created with any media, including handmade, digital or photographed works; and
  • of any size.

Depending on the size/dimensions of the work, we may choose to install the original work or reproduce the image on a material of our choice. We will subsidize shipping costs up to $50 per submission. If we opt to reproduce the image, we will request a photograph of the work that can be sized appropriately for our spaces. Decisions to install originals vs reproductions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

To Submit an Entry:

  1. Review contest rules.
  2. Complete the work.
  3. Take a good quality, well lit photo of the work. See helpful tips on photographing art below.
  4. Email the photo, the artist’s name, phone number, age/grade, and the medium to Ashley.clarke@sunwestsd.ca by Wednesday February 28th @ 4pm. Use subject line: Student Art Contest Submission

Tips for Taking Good Quality Photos of Art

  • Take the photo straight on. Do not take the photo from above, below or to the side of your artwork. Watch that square or rectangular artwork does not look wider at top or bottom in the photo.
  • Fill the full photo will your artwork – the less background the better.
  • Use a tripod or set your camera on a solid surface to avoid blurriness. Using the timer setting will result in better clarity. Photos taken without a timer may not look blurry on the camera, but on a large screen or print this may be a problem.
  • Ideally, take your photo outside on a cloudy day.
  • Do not use the flash as it causes reflections and shadows. If the photo is taken indoors, be sure the room is well lit.
  • Take several photos and choose the best.

These spaces will house the new art from this contest. The existing art in no way represents the dimensions or content that will be chosen for the new works.